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The Story of Chiodo Art Development

Chiodo Art designs and fabricates realistic figures, elements, and environments for a variety of industries. Chiodo Art was established in 1997 with the demand for dynamic design and fine sculpted elements in commercial spaces, parks and museums. Located in the heart of Oakland, CA, Chiodo Art provides all aspects of design, production and installation. In our 18,000 sq ft building, we employ 25 local artists and craftspeople that make our client's designs a reality.

Chiodo Art is renowned for its ability to replicate realism. Lead sculptor Mario Chiodo has won numerous commissions and awards because of his ability to sculpt appealing, recognizable and impassioned artwork. Today, Mario directs a diverse team of artists who are experts in realistic artwork, murals, painting, foliage, scenery and scientifically-accurate modeling.

Chiodo Art provides concept design, development and all necessary research to support each project. We work directly with you, your architects, and your landscape architects to design the space in which the artwork will be exhibited, determine mounting details, and create architectural models if desired. Chiodo Art retains structural engineers for designing armatures and specifying foundation depths for large pieces.

For over 25 years, Chiodo Art has cultivated a reputation for delivering quality work that exceeds expectations.

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