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Mario Chiodo is honored to be asked to sculpt a memorial of Morris Hyman, a Fremont entrepreneur with a vision of a unified community by investing in the people who live there. The sculpture will be located at a new building under construction for Washington Hospital in Fremont, California. The installation will include a bookcase with replicas of personal items that belonged to Mr. Hyman.

High up on Atlas Peak in the picturesque Napa Valley is the most beautiful cemetery for pets in the country. The owner of Bubbling Well has requested that Mario sculpt Sam the Basset Hound and his adoring friend Cricket the Cat, the icons of the cemetery. Animal lovers will be charmed.

Thanks to the generous support of a local foundation, an artwork created by Mario in 2002 will find a home at Ohlone College. The inspiration for Unity came from an illustration done in 1806 by a German illustrator traveling through lands that became California. It depicts Native Americans of different Northern California tribes joining together to celebrate. Mario was intrigued by the possibility that the peaceful gathering signified the origins of a community.

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Meet Ranger Dave.

He's big and he's beautiful!

We created a 20 foot tall sculpture of the mascot of the annual Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco. The Ranger was a huge hit with the attendees at the concert who stood in line for photos. Rock on, Dave!